Up and Coming Lawyers/Leaders in the Law

leaders-up-and-comingThe Wisconsin Law Journal has combined two of its most popular events: Leaders in the Law and Up and Coming Lawyers.

The second-year combined event in 2021 is an opportunity to get the legal community’s icons to network and celebrate with the up and coming phenoms of the field.

Criteria for nominations:

Up and Coming Lawyers: An attorney or support staff who have displayed excellence during their first 8 years in the field.

Leaders in the Law: An attorney or support staff who have at least 15 years in the legal community and have excelled at their chosen profession.

2021 Event Date: April 29, 2021

Nominate By: March 5, 2021




  • Nominator's Information

    Nominator's Information
  • Nominator's name
  • Nominator's phone number
  • Nominator's email address
  • Nominator's address
  • Nominee's Information

    Nominator's Information
  • Nominee's name
  • Nominee's phone
  • Nominee's email address
  • Nominee's address
  • Nomination: Must be 150 words or more!

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  1. Good afternoon,

    I was just wondering how an attorney gets nominated to the up and coming list. If you have any good practice suggestions it would be much appreciated.

  2. Joe Yovino, joe.yovino@wislawjournal.com

    Hi Julie: We accept nominations throughout most of the year. Any attorney with 8 or less years on the job is eligible. We’ll have info here in the coming weeks: https://wislawjournal.com/up-and-coming-lawyers/

    You can also email our events coordinator, Jenny Byington, at jbyington@wislawjournal.com for more info and stay in the know by signing up for our daily email at https://wislawjournal.com/wljtoday/

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