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Critic’s Corner

CRITIC’S CORNER: Weird science in Wisconsin courts

Steven Avery was convicted of murder in 2007. At his trial, the state called numerous scientific experts to help seal his fate. Then, a few years later, Wisconsin adopted the stricter Daubert standard for the admissibility of expert testimony. Had this supposedly tougher standard been in effect earlier, how would it have affected Avery’s trial?

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CRITIC’S CORNER: Convicting Avery (and overturning Denny)

The wildly popular Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer” chronicles the two convictions of Steven Avery. The bulk of the documentary concentrated on Avery’s second case — his trial for the murder of Teresa Halbach — in which there was a great deal of evidence that someone else, other than Avery, committed the crime.

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CRITIC’S CORNER: Two rules for educating tomorrow’s lawyers

Our nation’s law schools are facing serious troubles, including widespread allegations of false advertising. One California school, for example, is about to stand trial over accusations that it lured students with bogus graduate-employment statistics. Among other law schools facing similar allegations, many have won pretrial dismissals of their cases; success, however, was sometimes achieved only after convincing the courts that prospective ...

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