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Appeals court sides with AP, others in open records case

A Wisconsin appeals court ruled Thursday that the state Assembly violated the open records law when it initially rejected, then fulfilled with redactions, documents sought by The Associated Press and three other media outlets related to sexual harassment allegations against a former legislator.

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The Valadez case: A bad start to the year

The first family-law case to be recommended for publication by the Court of Appeals in almost two years makes me wish that it would have been longer. Well, the good news is that when I write my end of the year column for 2022 highlighting bad decisions, I will have a good start.

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Appeals court affirms ruling in tainted fountain case

A Milwaukee-based contractor’s insurance companies are not liable for covering damages incurred by those who got sick after breathing in contaminated water that came from a decorative fountain, according to an appellate court decision released Tuesday.

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Court denies country singer’s appeal

The appeal of an Oak Creek country singer behind bars for scamming people out of money was denied Tuesday, with appellate judges noting that at least one of his arguments “borders on the frivolous.”

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Appeals court reverses ticket decision

If a woman claims she was going faster than 90 mph in a 55 mph zone to get away from an unknown vehicle that was terrorizing her and following her every move, can the trial court legally recognize this as a “necessity” defense for speeding?

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