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Jacqueline Nooyen, individually and as special administrator of the Estate of Norbert Nooyen, appeals a grant of summary judgment that dismissed her claims against Wisconsin Electric Power Company, Madison Gas and Electric Company, Wisconsin Power & Light Company, and Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (collectively, “the Utilities”) for violations of the safe place statute, WIS. STAT. § 101.11 (2015-16).

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ERISA – Fiduciary Duty

In Fifth Third Bancorp v. Dudenhoeffer, 573 U. S. 409 (2014), we held that “[t]o state a claim for breach of the duty of prudence” imposed on plan fiduciaries by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) “on the basis of inside information, a plaintiff must plausibly allege an alternative action that the defendant could have taken that would have been consistent with the securities laws and that a prudent fiduciary in the same circumstances would not have viewed as more likely to harm the fund than to help it.” Id., at 428.

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Successor Liability Claim – De Facto Merger

Lunda Construction Company (Lunda) alleges that Veritas Steel, LLC (Veritas), and third-party defendants Atlas Holdings, LLC (Atlas), and Bridge Fabrication Holdings, LLC, took unfair advantage of PDM Bridge, LLC's (PDM) loan defaults, "with the intent to gain ownership of PDM's lucrative steel fabrication business for grossly inadequate consideration through a secretive, unlawful and fraudulent process designed to render PDM an empty shell with no assets remaining to satisfy PDM's eight-figure liability to Lunda."

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