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Arbitration Order – Ambiguity

The Federal Arbitration Act requires courts to enforce covered arbitration agreements according to their terms. See 9 U. S. C. §2. In Stolt-Nielsen S. A. v. AnimalFeeds Int’l Corp., 559 U. S. 662 (2010), we held that a court may not compel arbitration on a classwide basis when an agreement is “silent” on the availability of such arbitration.

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Beau Ellenbecker appeals a circuit court order filed on August 16, 2018 (“the August 16 order”), denying his motion to reopen this small claims action or to reconsider the court’s grant of a June 19, 2018 writ of replevin and default judgment in favor of Ashley Thompson (“the June 19 judgment”).

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Failure to State Claim

Gene Frederickson Trucking and Excavating, Inc. (“Frederickson”) appeals a judgment dismissing, for failure to state a claim, its civil conspiracy and “prima facie tort” claims against various defendants associated with Wagner 22, LLC (“Wagner 22” and, collectively with the other defendants, the “Wagner Group”).

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