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Equal Protection Claim

Kenneth Mayle, an adherent of what he calls nontheistic Satanism, sued the United States and officials from the United States Mint, Department of the Treasury, and Bureau of Engraving and Printing, to enjoin the printing of the national motto, “In God We Trust,” on United States currency.

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Due Process Violation

Bobbi Kilburn‐Winnie and Michelle Allen‐Gregory (collectively, “Appellants”)filed suit against the Town of Fortville, Indiana, Fortville Waterworks, and Fortville Utilities (collectively, “Fortville”), alleging that their Fourteenth Amendment procedural due process rights were violated when Fortville disconnected their water service.

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Foreclosure – Claim Preclusion

This appeal comes before the court on certification by the court of appeals.1 Cory Thompson, the debtor defendant, appeals an order of the Dane County Circuit Court, Amy Smith, Judge, granting Federal National Mortgage Association a foreclosure judgment and a monetary judgment of $152,355.98, plus any amounts held in escrow, interest after August 16, 2012, and costs incurred by Federal National Mortgage Association.

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Motion to Suppress Denied

William Canales, Jr. appeals from his judgment of conviction, entered by the trial court upon accepting his guilty plea for one count of possession with intent to deliver between ten and fifty grams of heroin and one count of possession with intent to deliver more than forty grams of cocaine, both as second or subsequent offenses.

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Insurance Claim – Liability

This case arises out of a motor vehicle accident in which Lorraine Zeichert and Matthew Zeichert sustained injuries, and Ryan Zeichert was killed. The Zeicherts appeal a judgment and order granting summary judgment to Todd Gruetzmacher and his insurers, Ellington Mutual Insurance Company (Ellington Mutual), Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company (together, Liberty Mutual), and granting Progressive Casualty Insurance Company’s (Progressive) motion to terminate its defense of Gruetzmacher.

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