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Wisconsin commission won’t punish fake electors

A group of Wisconsin Republicans who took it upon themselves to certify to the U.S. Senate that Donald Trump won the battleground state in the 2020 presidential election didn't break any laws, state elections officials said Tuesday.

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Board to consider hiring outside attorneys in wolf lawsuits

The state Department of Natural Resources policy board plans to vote next week on whether to hire its own attorneys in a pair of lawsuits seeking to block the fall wolf hunt, underscoring the deepening rift between the board's Republican members and Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul.

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Kaul vs. Prehn is a battle financed by the taxpayers

If any normal person took a massive stack of $100 bills, poured gas on it and set it on fire, we would all think they were — well — insane. When our Legislature does it, we just shake our heads a bit and say, “Oh well, that’s Madison for you.”

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Kaul launches clergy sexual abuse probe

The state Department of Justice has launched a sweeping investigation of sexual assault in Catholic churches and orders across Wisconsin, Attorney General Josh Kaul announced Tuesday.

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