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Mental Commitment

In this direct appeal of an order for involuntary medication and treatment, B.L. argues that the doctor specializing in psychiatric medicine who initiated B.L.’s emergency detention could not properly also serve as one of the two health professionals specified in WIS. STAT. § 51.20(9)(a)1. to examine B.L. B.L. does not contest that he makes this argument for the first time on appeal.

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Postconviction Motion Denied

Mario A. Harris appeals the judgments of conviction, following a jury trial, of one count of trafficking a child, one count of soliciting a child for prostitution, two counts of pandering, two counts of solicitation of prostitutes, one count of solicitation of prostitutes as a party to a crime, and two counts of conspiracy to commit pandering.

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Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Matthew C. Hinkle appeals from his judgment of conviction and an order denying his postconviction motion arguing that (1) the circuit court exercising adult criminal jurisdiction lacked jurisdiction over him, a juvenile, and (2) his trial counsel’s assistance was ineffective because she failed to object to the criminal court’s jurisdiction.

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Corporate Redemption Agreement – Appraisal

This case is before us for the third time. It involves an ongoing dispute between James Swiderski and his father, Alex Swiderski, regarding the redemption of James’ shares of Swiderski Equipment, Inc. In our most recent decision, we affirmed the circuit court’s conclusion that an appraisal of Swiderski Equipment discussed in the parties’ corporate redemption agreement (CRA) should be performed by Mark Hanson, an employee of Schenck, S.C., Swiderski Equipment’s accounting firm.

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