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Court: No pro hac vice fee hike

The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently denied a request calling on the court to increase the state’s pro hac vice fee so that a body charged with increasing poor Wisconsin residents' access to the civil legal system can continue operating.

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Tensions high at hearing on dues proposal

Despite reports of her absence from oral argument last week because of illness, Justice Shirley Abrahamson appeared to be on the mend on Monday, interrupting her colleagues on the court and drilling attorneys on their positions.

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Board of Governors to choose new committee members, chairperson

The State Board of Governors will be filling several spots at its next meeting, including selecting a new chairperson, choosing new representatives to the American Bar Association House of delegates and voting on who will be on the executive committee for the new fiscal year.

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State Bar weighs in on Trump’s comments about federal judge

The Wisconsin State Bar has posted a statement on its website in support of the judiciary in response to President Donald Trump’s Feb. 4 tweet calling the federal judge who temporarily blocked his immigration executive orders a “so-called judge.” State Bar President Fran Deisinger asked the governors at Friday’s Board of Governors meeting to approve the statement, noting that other state ...

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BOG focuses on new exec director, possible legislation

The state’s Board of Governors got down to business last weekend by preparing to search for a new executive director of the State Bar, discussing possible legislative proposals and considering proposed Wisconsin Supreme Court rules changes.

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