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The U.S. Supreme Court and politics

It would be pointless to write a column on the United States legal system and ignore the two significant cases which the court decided this week. One case, New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen significantly expanded gun rights by striking down a New York law which restricted the right of New Yorkers to carry handguns in public.

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How Wisconsin’s ‘honor’ system for removing guns from domestic abusers failed Jesi Ewers

The attack came without warning and, as far as Jessica “Jesi” Ewers could tell, without provocation. It was early in the morning of Oct.19, 2020. Asleep at her home near Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, she woke up to her boyfriend, James “J.T.” Budworth, beating her. He punched her, tried to strangle her, destroyed her cellphone and threatened to kill her and her children. He also bit her, once on the collarbone and once on the arm, where he tore off a chunk of flesh. 

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GOP, Evers take different approaches after shootings

Wisconsin Republicans who continue to largely dismiss Gov. Tony Evers' call to pass gun-safety legislation introduced a series of bills on Tuesday designed to bolster mental-health services in the state, a step they said was not in response to recent mass shootings.

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Trump ‘looking into’ 3D guns issue

President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday he is consulting the National Rifle Association over whether it makes sense for a Texas company to publish downloadable blueprints for a 3D-printed gun.

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Walker proposes $100 million for school-safety improvements

Gov. Scott Walker waded into the fierce debate over school shootings on Thursday, proposing legislation that would commit $100 million for building-security improvements and similar work but not impose any new gun restrictions or require teachers to arm themselves.

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Congress, not Trump, must ban bump stocks

In the wake of yet another mass shooting at a school — this one in Parkland, Fla., leaving 14 students and three staff members dead — President Donald Trump floated several proposals in response to the violence.

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