1. I took ambien and started sleepeating and suffered head injury when I fell infront of the fridge. Can I sue still? It’s been 11 months.

  2. Is it too late to sue ambien makers for my head injury caused by sleepeating?

  3. I live in Mesa Arizona since it’s a class-action lawsuit, I believe the location of the plaintiff is irrelevant. I was given oxycodone 5x daily for several knee and hand surgeries, a dislocated spinal disk, and due to kidney failure in 2014, I am not able to take aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, or any OTC pain relief. My psychiatrist gave me Ambien XR 12.5, and other medication for depression. At first, I had no issues with the combination of medications, but my husband would tell me I would wake up and make several meals, and eat a lot. In 2007 I was diagnosed with severe anxiety, panic attacks, and bipolar and went on disability. In 2014 when I was diagnosed with liver failure, I decided to look at my eating habits because I was gaining a lot of weight, and I was trying to better myself by going back to school. I did not drive because of the medications I was on, and my husband was able to drive me to my doctors, or any other appointments because he worked early in the morning and came home around 1:00pm. In 2018 I took my pain medication as direct, and later before bed, I took Ambien XR, and my anti-depressant. I woke up in the hospital with a slice liver, and the knee I had surgery had opened up requiring stitches. When the police officer asked me what I remember about the accident, I asked him “what accident?” He told me I had an accident, hitting light pole, my car had been demolished, requiring the fire department to use a saw to remove my body, and i had my puppy with me. I have no recalection of such event. I don’t remember driving, nor taking my puppy with me. He cited me with a DUI after I being honest and told him what i took, he immediately requested a warrant to search (to get my blood test), which I never denied because I thought this was a prescription. When I went to my appearance apparently, it doesn’t matter if its prescribed. I don’t understand the pain medication oxycodone law, because when I went to the doctor he tested me by giving me a urine test, and had no opioid in the urine. The doctor refused to provide me with a refill, but if i have it in my system it is illegal. This is the most oxi-moron law that ever existed. I just graduated with my BS in Science with honors, received my PMP certification, including Agile and Scum Coding certifications, and have been inducted into two honors programs. I don’t understand our legal system. I too have court next week, I have been appointed at my first initial appearance a public defender who I could never communicate with her, and because of her lack of communication, even though I went to the telephonic virtual appearance and she did not, the court issued me a warrant. I called her office immediately, her secretary told me that the PD was going to quash the warrant, and my new court date was Jan 7 at 10:30am. On Jan 5 I received a call from a gentleman who asked me “if I knew I had court this morning?” I replied “my court date is Jan 7 at 10:30am per my attorney” He stated “He was my new attorney, adding that I had only minutes to call the court, he provided me with the number and instructions. I asked him if he knew about my case he said we would talk after court. I have not heard from him since, I was placed on pretrial services because he did nothing to defend me because he did not know anything of the case. I now have court on Jan 12, at 10:30am. I am writing the judge to explain my situation with both PDs and how could I receive a fair opionin from a PD who does not know anything about me or my situation.
    I am not taking Ambien, but am taking oxycodone because I cannot use any other pain relief as much as i tried my kidneys get worse.
    I will pray for all of you who have been wronged.
    You should write to your Attorney General office and let him/her know the situation, including sending them copies of all these complaints, and any other similar complaints that you might find, this could be able to be erased from your background file.
    I wish you all luck, but i would start there with your AG office.

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