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SMALL BUSINESS/SOLO PRACTICE FIRM – Daniel Norland – Norland Law Firm

Daniel Norland - Norland Law Firm

When Daniel Norland was in the second grade, he came home with a “what do I want to be when I grow up” homework assignment.

He was just a kid, but even at that time — according to the story his mom likes to tell — he already knew what he wanted to be: a lawyer.

“I decided I would be a lawyer and never changed my mind,” said Norland. “I’m pretty sure she still has the homework assignment somewhere.”

Today, Norland is not only a lawyer but also runs his own practice, Norland Law Firm LLC. He’s been a solo practitioner for 12 years and over time navigated his way into being a highly sought-after family attorney.

Norland is versatile in the way he approaches cases, always putting his clients’ needs first.

“The No. 1 motivator for me is the satisfaction of a job well done,” he said. “This is particularly true after highly contested litigation. I also enjoy the gratification of being my own boss, controlling my own caseload and the freedom that comes with running a solo practice.”

Brittany Batterton, a paralegal with the firm, calls Norland the “best boss that I have ever had.”

“We work as a great team to ensure our clients are happy and always heard,” she said. “Running a solo practitioner firm can have its difficulties, but Dan wears many hats very well. He is an attorney, a human resource representative, an IT specialist and a confidante.

“I would describe Dan as very personable and dedicated individual. Even with the high stress that comes with arguing for other families, you will never see him sweat. He adapts to challenges and changes in the workplace on a dime.”

Outside of the office, Norland enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and watching Wisconsin sports teams such as the Badgers, Bucks, Brewers and Packers.

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