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Bohlen pushes paralegals at Hupy to be their best

By: Jimmy Nesbitt//December 10, 2021

Bohlen pushes paralegals at Hupy to be their best

By: Jimmy Nesbitt//December 10, 2021

Karen Bohlen - Hupy and Abraham
Karen Bohlen – Hupy and Abraham

Karen Bohlen loves helping and working with people.

Those are traits that serve her well in her role as a paralegal supervisor at Hupy and Abraham, where she manages and trains paralegal staff in the firm’s seven offices in Wisconsin and Iowa.

Bohlen works closely with attorneys and paralegals to ensure that clients receive the best possible outcomes and professional customer service. She also manages complex cases, helping attorneys and clients during litigation.

“As a supervisor she is talented and understands her team well,” said Audrey Roth, communications specialist at the firm. “Karen works very hard to ensure that all efforts are cutting edge and produced with the skillful expertise that she is known for.

“Although Karen produces work that is absolutely standout, she is humble and kind in her nature and does not boast on her hard work that pushes the firm to be its best. … All of this work that is often behind the scenes is the engine that keeps Hupy and Abraham going and the clients happy.”

Some of the hardest parts of her job include keeping up with new trends and managing a large staff with varying levels of experience.

“It’s fun to watch those at the beginning of their careers grow and gain confidence and to watch my more experienced staff take a greater interest in mentoring and working with others on the team,” she said.

“Karen does an exceptional job of balancing leadership with support,” added Roth.

Bohlen, who has worked as a paralegal since 2004, takes pride in helping her fellow employees become confident and successful in their careers.

“I also really enjoy working with other department leads to make sure the firm is running smoothly and efficiently,” she said.

Outside of work, Bohlen enjoys hiking, camping, traveling and attending concerts.


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