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Emma Zoch – Boardman & Clark

Emma Zoch - Boardman & Clark

Emma Zoch – Boardman & Clark

Although some people shy away from difficulty, Emma Zoch embraces it.

Zoch, a file tech at Boardman & Clark, has responsibilities ranging from setting up new client accounts and editing and destroying files to serving as a point of access and retrieval for information in storage.

The hardest time she can remember in her job came last year when Boardman & Clark undertook a software-conversion project.

“I had to learn how to use the new software, help train our attorneys and staff on how to use it, and then provide assistance when they ran into technical or user errors, while doing my normal work,” she said. “It was stressful, but I came out of it knowing more about how to deal with others with different technical familiarity/abilities, as well as more about my co-workers in general.”

Nick Sayers, communications director at Boardman & Clark, said that Zoch played a big role in making sure the introduction of the new software went smoothly.

“Emma worked hand-in-hand with the many staff members and attorneys who were impacted by the change, helping them transition smoothly and using her usual level-headed, thoughtful approach to address the inevitable challenges that come with major change,” Sayers said. “During all of that time and commitment to a successful launch, Emma still had to do her regular job duties to make sure that nothing fell through the cracks.”

Outside work, Zoch says her biggest hobby is rugby. She has played the sport for 14 years and has been an assistant coach for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s women’s team and the Madison-area high school team. She’s also the former president of the Wisconsin Women’s Rugby Football Club.

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