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Ashley Molley – Hupy and Abraham

By: Jimmy Nesbitt//December 5, 2019//

Ashley Molley – Hupy and Abraham

By: Jimmy Nesbitt//December 5, 2019//

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Ashley Molley - Hupy and Abraham
Ashley Molley –
Hupy and Abraham

During her 16 years at Hupy and Abraham, Ashley Molley has earned a reputation as a go-to person at the firm.

Molley, lead legal assistant, joined the firm because she wanted to help people living in southeastern Wisconsin in a meaningful way. As a manager at Hupy and Abraham, she find herself now dealing with cases involving 50 injured clients and manages a team of 13 people.

Finding a balance amidst it all can be hard, she said.

“Time is always the great equalizer, and I attempt to start each day with a fresh motivation and renewed patience.”

One of her great loves is for helping injured clients with what, in many cases, is the most difficult time of their lives.

“I enjoy knowing the rules of the game, and applying my knowledge of those rules, to affect a positive impact in the immediate lives of our clients,” Molley said. “It can prove a daunting task to listen to our clients, and their families, discuss the very personal and dire consequences that an accident can have on their lives. It is rewarding to know that I am providing a valuable, and at times invaluable, service to the people in our community.”

That sort of dedication is indispensable to the firm’s success, said Jason Abraham, an owner at Hupy and Abraham. Without employees like Molley, he said, “the firm would not be the success it is today.”

Abraham and others at the firm work tirelessly to advocate for their clients, Molley said.

“They truly lead by example, and I am lucky to have witnessed the overwhelming success of our firm with their genius at the helm.”


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