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Gloria Lund – Axley Brynelson

By: Emily Bultman//December 5, 2019//

Gloria Lund – Axley Brynelson

By: Emily Bultman//December 5, 2019//

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Gloria Lund - Axley Brynelson
Gloria Lund – Axley Brynelson

Gloria Lund is often referred to as the face of Axley Brynelson.

In her role as receptionist, she is usually the first employee many people see or talk to at the firm’s offices in Madison. Her ability to make others feel welcome and comfortable means she is indispensable.

“I enjoy and take pride in being the first impression of Axley for our clients and really setting a positive tone for their interaction with the firm,” she said. “Mentoring young Axleyans and teaching them all of the intricacies of the firm has been very rewarding.”

Lund plays a big role behind the scenes by making sure the firm’s day-to-day operations run smoothly for the 100 or more attorneys and staff employees at Axley.

“We are very lucky to have Gloria,” said Adam Premo, a paralegal at Axley. “She is extremely professional and reliable, and she is a great face of our firm. She volunteers to help in different firm departments — accounting, records, marketing, etc. She is constantly thinking of the little things that might get forgotten and making sure that they are taken care of, even if these things really are not her responsibility. She’s truly an unsung hero working hard to make sure Axley functions properly.”

Sitting at the front desk, Lund is aware of everything happening at the firm. Employees there have relied on her over the years to handle anything and everything with dedication and skill.

“I have been at Axley for more than two decades and there is a reason for that. Our firm has so many hard working, loyal and friendly people that genuinely enjoy the work we do and the impact we make. Often when people call Axley, they are facing a challenging life situation and it feels rewarding to be able to help them find that one person or team that can help make a difference in their life for the better,” she said.


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