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Wisconsin Supreme Court

Janet Protasiewicz
Sep 21, 2023

Money laundering complaint filed against Justice Protasiewicz by convicted felon, election denier, alleged stalker

The same election denier and convicted felon who allegedly stalked Elections Commission chair Meagan Wolfe has filed a complaint against Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Janet Protasiewicz.

Wisconsin redistricting
Sep 20, 2023

Wisconsin redistricting fight focuses on the recusal of a key justice as impeachment threat lingers

Republicans fighting to preserve Wisconsin legislative electoral maps they drew argue in new legal filings that a key liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court justice must recuse from the case despite the dismissal of complaints against her related to comments she made about redistricting.

David Prosser
Sep 18, 2023

Justice tapped to investigate Protasiewicz impeachment accepted GOP donation

One of the former Wisconsin Supreme Court justices tapped to investigate impeaching newly elected Justice Janet Protasiewicz for taking Democratic Party money accepted donations from the state Republican Party when he was on the court.

Wisconsin Supreme Court
Sep 15, 2023

Wisconsin Supreme Court accepts new case involving Village of Egg Harbor, denies review of several others

Court agrees to review two cases, denies several others.

Wisconsin redistricting
Sep 13, 2023

Wisconsin Republican leader asks former state Supreme Court justices to review impeachment

Wisconsin's Republican Assembly leader announced Wednesday that he's created a panel to investigate the criteria for impeachment as he mulls taking that unprecedented step against a liberal state Supreme Court justice.

Sep 12, 2023

Not playing nice together

Can we be civil?

Wisconsin redistricting
Sep 11, 2023

Lawsuit requests Wisconsin Supreme Court to block impeachment before Assembly acts

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is being asked to prohibit the Wisconsin Legislature from impeaching liberal Justice Janet Protasiewicz.

Wisconsin redistricting
Sep 11, 2023

GOP threat to impeach Wisconsin Supreme Court justice is driven by fear of losing legislative edge

Wisconsin Republicans have enjoyed outsize control of the Legislature in one of the most closely divided states for a dozen years. Maintaining that power is now at the heart of a drama involving the state Supreme Court that has national political implications.

Janet Protasiewicz
Sep 7, 2023

Democrats open war chest to combat impeachment efforts of Janet Protasiewicz

Democratic Party of Wisconsin opened its war chest Wednesday, releasing $4 million in the 'Defend Justice' multi-pronged statewide campaign.

Aug 30, 2023

Wisconsin Supreme Court emails detail chaotic first week of liberal control (UPDATE)

Liberal majority told Chief Justice Annette Ziegler they didn’t plan to release the changes to administrative rules on Friday, Aug. 4, but after Ziegler demanded a copy she sent them out to news outlets before a statement was issued to court personnel.

Wisconsin Supreme Court
Aug 29, 2023

Wisconsin Supreme Court chief justice accuses liberal majority of staging a ‘coup’

“Again, I will not condone such lawless destruction of the constitution, the judiciary, or the court,” Ziegler wrote.

Aug 28, 2023

Protasiewicz prohibited from hearing abortion, gerrymandering cases if impeachment commences

In the event Protasiewicz is impeached, Gov. Tony Evers would appoint another justice to serve on the state's Supreme Court.


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