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Parade crash case an issue in Supreme Court race

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

The judge who oversaw the trial of a man convicted of killing six people when he drove his SUV through a Christmas parade last year says national exposure and encouragement she got for her handling of the case is not why she is running for a pivotal Wisconsin Supreme Court seat.

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Judge Dorow mulls Wisconsin Supreme Court run

Wisconsin Judge Jennifer Dorow drew fan mail and gifts from people who admired her handling of the often disruptive actions of a man on trial for killing six people by driving through a Christmas parade.

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Disabled voters win in Wisconsin; legal fights elsewhere

Trudy Le Beau has voted in every major election since she turned 18 — a half-century of civic participation that has gotten increasingly difficult as her multiple sclerosis progressed. Now, with no use of her arms or legs, the Wisconsin woman relies on her husband to help her fill out and return a ballot.

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Judge Aprahamian sides with GOP in absentee ballot fight

A Wisconsin judge on Wednesday ruled that state law does not allow election clerks to fill in missing information on witness certification envelopes that contain absentee ballots, delivering a victory to Republicans nine weeks before the election in the battleground state.

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Wisconsin Supreme Court disallows absentee ballot drop boxes

Wisconsin's conservative-controlled Supreme Court ruled on Friday that absentee ballot drop boxes may be placed only in election offices and that no one other than the voter can return a ballot in person, dealing a defeat to Democrats who said the decision would make it harder to vote in the battleground state.

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Election investigator sued again for deleting records

A liberal government watchdog group on Tuesday filed its fourth open records lawsuit over the investigation of the 2020 election result in Wisconsin, targeting the lead investigator for his practice of deleting records he didn't deem useful to the investigation.

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Court backs arrest by officers responding to ShotSpotter

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the conviction of a Milwaukee man who was arrested by officers responding to a report from gunshot location technology, ruling that the officers had reasonable suspicion to stop him beyond just the gunshot technology.

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Wisconsin election investigator says he deleted records

The former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice hired to investigate President Joe Biden's victory in the battleground state testified Thursday that he routinely deleted records, and deactivated a personal email account, even after receiving open-records requests.

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Gableman’s attorneys appeal contempt order

Gableman ordered to not delete records

The former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice hired by Republicans to investigate the 2020 election in Wisconsin has appealed a contempt ruling against him related to his response to an open records request and heated appearance in court.

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