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DNA Surcharge

We review a petition by the State and a cross-petition by Jamal L. Williams challenging the court of appeals' decision, which held: (1) the mandatory $250 DNA surcharge the circuit court ordered Williams to pay violated the Ex Post Facto Clauses of the Wisconsin and United States Constitutions; and (2) the circuit court did not rely on an improper factor when it sentenced Williams.

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Foreclosure – Claim Preclusion

This appeal comes before the court on certification by the court of appeals.1 Cory Thompson, the debtor defendant, appeals an order of the Dane County Circuit Court, Amy Smith, Judge, granting Federal National Mortgage Association a foreclosure judgment and a monetary judgment of $152,355.98, plus any amounts held in escrow, interest after August 16, 2012, and costs incurred by Federal National Mortgage Association.

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Attorney Disciplinary Proceedings

We review Referee Allan E. Beatty's recommendation that the court declare Attorney Brandon Buchanan in default and suspend his Wisconsin law license for a period of 60 days for professional misconduct in connection with his work on one client matter and his non-cooperation with the Office of Lawyer Regulation's (OLR) investigation into that misconduct.

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Sufficiency of Evidence

This is a review of two published decisions of the court of appeals, State v. Hager, 2017 WI App 8, 373 Wis. 2d 692, 892 N.W.2d 740, and State v. Carter, 2017 WI App 9, 373 Wis. 2d 722, 892 N.W.2d 754. Both cases involve the discharge procedure for a person civilly committed as a sexually violent person pursuant to Wis. Stat. ch. 980 (2015-16) ("Chapter 980").

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