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Voter ID lawsuits live on despite likely Trump policy shift

Federal lawsuits challenging voter ID requirements in Texas and North Carolina won't just disappear, even if Justice Department lawyers who once argued against the laws effectively switch sides to advocate for them under President Donald Trump's administration, civil rights lawyers say.

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Judge calls out DMV on voter ID

U.S. District Judge James Peterson made the right call last week when he ordered the state to provide additional information to the public about how to get voting credentials but chose not to halt the state's voter ID law.

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Judge orders state to explain voting credentials process (UPDATE)

A federal judge ordered Wisconsin transportation officials Thursday to immediately produce documents clearly explaining how people who lack a photo ID can obtain voting credentials and to perform checks to ensure field workers are giving applicants correct information about the process.

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Things to know about voting rights lawsuit

U.S. District Judge James Peterson issued a ruling last week loosening Wisconsin's voter ID law and striking down a host of other state election laws that Republicans have passed over the last five years.

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Federal judge strikes down state’s election laws

A federal judge on Friday threw out as unconstitutional a host of Wisconsin election laws passed in recent years, saying they unfairly benefited Republicans who had enacted them and made it more difficult for Democrats to vote.

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