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State Supreme Court to hear voter ID cases (UPDATE)

The Wisconsin Supreme Court said Wednesday it will hear arguments in two separate lawsuits challenging the state's requirement that voters show photo identification at the polls, after saying three times previously it would not take up the issue.

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Federal trial over voter-ID law underway (UPDATE)

A federal hearing over Wisconsin's voter-ID law began Monday with several minority witnesses, many of whom said their efforts to obtain a state-issued ID were met with bureaucratic obstacles that took time, money and legal assistance to overcome.

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Political odd couple together again on voting law

The white Wisconsin lawyer and the black preacher from Georgia strode into the Senate hearing room together and took their seats, shoulder-to-shoulder, at the witness table. Veteran lawmakers and experts in civil rights law, they've been here before.

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Supreme Court halts use of key part of voting law (UPDATE)

A deeply divided Supreme Court threw out the most powerful part of the landmark Voting Rights Act on Tuesday, a decision deplored by the White House but cheered by mostly Southern states now free from nearly 50 years of intense federal oversight of their elections.

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GOP lawmaker: Bill will save voter ID (UPDATE)

One of the chief authors of Wisconsin's voter photo identification plan is shopping around a new bill designed to allay legal concerns that the requirements are too burdensome by letting poor people opt out.

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