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Sep 1, 2011

10-3103 & 10-3205 U.S. v. McKenzie

Sentencing Drug quantity

Aug 30, 2011

2010AP2801-CR State v. Frey

Sentencing Discretion

Aug 30, 2011

2011AP551-CR State v. Haiduk

Sentencing Restitution

Aug 26, 2011

10-3042 U.S. v. Lua-Guizar

Sentencing Illegal reentry; cultural assimilation reduction

Aug 25, 2011

2011AP368-CR State v. Knickmeier

Sentencing Discretion

Aug 23, 2011

2010AP2362-CR State v. Towns

Sentencing Sentence credit

Aug 23, 2011

2010AP1955-CR State v. Harris

Sentencing Good time; consecutive sentences

Aug 16, 2011

2010AP2179-CR State v. Linderman

Sentencing Consecutive sentences; double jeopardy

Aug 15, 2011

10-3543 U.S. v. Robinson

Sentencing Supervised release; reimprisonment

Aug 10, 2011

2010AP1801-CR, 2010AP2347-CR State v. Green

Sentencing DNA surcharge

Aug 9, 2011

2010AP2576-CR State v. Merriweather

Sentencing Discretion

Aug 4, 2011

2010AP1806-CR State v. Strupp

Mayhem Instructions; lesser-included offense; sentencing


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