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Lighter sentences sought for some business crimes

The federal panel that sets sentencing policy eased penalties this year for potentially tens of thousands of nonviolent drug offenders. Now, defense lawyers and prisoner advocates are pushing for similar treatment for a different category of defendants: swindlers, embezzlers, insider traders and other white-collar criminals.

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US judge blasts DOJ over drug sentence disparities

A federal judge in Iowa has sharply criticized the U.S. Department of Justice for creating massive drug sentencing disparities by failing to have a policy, until recently, advising prosecutors on when to double the prison time for repeat offenders.

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Commission seeks bill to cut sentencing variances

In testimony before Congress, the chair of the U.S. Sentencing Commission urged lawmakers to pass legislation that would cut down on sentencing disparities and add more teeth to sentencing guidelines adopted by the Commission.

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11th Circuit to consider crack sentencing issues

ATLANTA (AP) – The federal appeals court in Atlanta has decided to take up a question about the scope of a 2010 federal law designed to reduce the disparity between crack and powder cocaine sentences. The Daily Report reports that the full 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is to review a case focusing on defendants who committed drug crimes ...

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