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Pat Roggensack

Aug 1, 2023

In Wisconsin, a court that almost overturned Biden’s win flips to liberal control

Director of State Courts Randy Koschnick to be fired as soon as Protasiewicz is sworn in.

Jun 1, 2022

Judge Everett Mitchell running for Wisconsin Supreme Court

Dane County Circuit Judge Everett Mitchell announced Wednesday that he will run for the Wisconsin Supreme Court next year to fill a seat currently held by the conservative former chief justice.

May 25, 2022

Milwaukee County judge announces candidacy for Supreme Court

Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Janet Protasiewicz announced Wednesday that she will run for the Wisconsin Supreme Court next year to fill a seat currently held by the conservative former chief justice.

Dec 1, 2021

Top Wisconsin court affirms GOP’s preferred approach to maps

A divided Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with Republicans in a redistricting dispute, ruling that it saw no need to make significant changes to the maps that have helped the GOP win majorities in the state Legislature and congressional delegation.

Apr 14, 2021

Ziegler to replace Roggensack as Supreme Court chief justice

Wisconsin's Supreme Court justices on Wednesday picked Annette Ziegler to replace Pat Roggensack as chief justice.

Apr 9, 2021

Justices hear arguments in sweeping environmental cases (UPDATE)

The Wisconsin Supreme Court sided with Democrats on Friday and ruled that the state elections commission should not remove from the rolls voters flagged as possibly having moved, something conservatives have wanted done for nearly two years.

Jan 20, 2021

State Supreme Court clarifies child-testimony rules in unanimous opinion

The Wisconsin Supreme Court clarified child-testimony rules in a unanimous opinion involving a man convicted of sexually assaulting three children.

Jan 14, 2021

Wisconsin justices skeptical of GOP redistricting proposal

A Republican-backed push to fast-track redistricting lawsuits in the Wisconsin Supreme Court met with skepticism during a Thursday hearing, as the court's conservative chief justice questioned why the proposal was necessary and wondered how the thinly staffed court could be expected to draw maps.

Jan 13, 2021

Wisconsin Supreme Court focuses on redistricting

The Wisconsin Supreme Court turns its attention to redistricting on Thursday, considering a request backed by Republicans to change its current procedures for handling cases related to the once-a-decade process of drawing new political boundaries.

Dec 10, 2020

Wisconsin state court judge rules against Trump lawsuit (UPDATE)

President Donald Trump's extraordinary effort to overturn Joe Biden's win in Wisconsin returns to the courtroom on Thursday, as hearings in federal and state lawsuits seek to invalidate hundreds of thousands of ballots and give the GOP-controlled Legislature the power to name Trump the winner.

Dec 3, 2020

Wisconsin high court declines to hear Trump election lawsuit

A split Wisconsin Supreme Court refused on Thursday to hear President Donald Trump's lawsuit attempting to overturn his loss to Joe Biden in the battleground state, saying the case must first wind its way through lower courts.

Nov 5, 2020

Wisconsin courts log 35 million minutes on Zoom since March

Wisconsin courts have logged 35 million minutes in Zoom meetings since March, according to Judge Randy Koschnick, director of state courts.


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