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Spousal maintenance an ongoing concern

There's an old joke about a husband not wanting to pay his wife any maintenance. The judge, after hearing the evidence, finds she is entitled to support and says, "I'm going to give her $1,000 per month." The husband responds, "Damn nice of you, judge. I'll kick in a couple hundred bucks of my own."

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2009AP3064 In re the marriage of: Konlock v. Knepfel

Family Property division; maintenance Bruce A. Knepfel appeals from the property division and maintenance components of the judgment of divorce from the former Margaret J. Knepfel, now Margaret J. Konlock. He contends that the trial court erroneously: (1) failed to ...

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2009AP1846 In re the marriage of: Smith v. Smith

Family Property division; maintenance Anna Smith appeals from a divorce judgment. She argues the circuit court erroneously exercised its discretion with regard to the property division and maintenance determinations. We agree and therefore reverse and remand for further proceedings. This ...

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