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Turnout hits 34% for Wisconsin Supreme Court race

Turnout in Wisconsin's chaotic spring election held during a pandemic last week topped 34% of the voting-age population, the highest for an April vote since 2016 when there were two competitive presidential primary races on the ballot.

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Liberal Karofsky wins Wisconsin Supreme Court seat (UPDATE)

The political leanings of Wisconsin's Supreme Court could change Monday night with the expected release of results from last week's election held during the coronavirus pandemic, an acrimonious race that generated record spending from outside liberal and conservative groups.

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Wisconsin voter purge case appealed to state Supreme Court

A conservative law firm asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Wednesday to overturn an appeals court ruling that stopped the purging of more than 200,000 people from the state's voter rolls, a step that Democrats argued was intended to make it harder for their voters to cast ballots.

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