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Tag Archives: Hostile work environment

06-C-0715 EEOC v. Management Hospitality of Racine, Inc.

Employment Hostile work environment; injunctions Where an employer restaurant was guilty of sexual harassment, it is appropriate that injunctive relief be issued covering all restaurants owned by the employer. “Defendants argue that injunctive relief cannot extend to the other IHOPs owned by Salauddin Janmohammed and managed by Flipmeastack because they are separate entities and not parties to this case. However, ...

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10-2768 Ellis v. CCA of Tennessee, LLC

Employment Hostile work environment The use of the term, “monkeys,” as a metaphor to workplace problems does not create a hostile work environment. “As to the materials excerpted from THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER MEETS THE MONKEY, we will take as a given that plaintiffs found the material subjectively hostile. Their case founders on the objective component—that is, what a reasonable ...

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10-2214 Sutherland v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Employment Hostile work environment Although a supervisor had one prior complaint of sexual harassment, the employer is not liable for failure to consider him potentially dangerous. “Sutherland argues that, because of Walmart’s notice of a prior complaint against Aguas, Walmart should be held to a higher standard than other employers who receive complaints of harassment. In other words, because Walmart ...

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