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Ruling raises questions about mortgage market

A Wisconsin Supreme Court decision issued Thursday avoided a reinterpretation of law that would have left many mortgage lenders wondering if they could retain their right to foreclose on delinquent loans.

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10-2306 U.S. v. Buchman

Property Foreclosure Foreclosure sales do not result in inadequate prices as a matter of law. “Instead of engaging either Wisconsin’s substantive standard or the limits of appellate review, Buchman wants us to assume that, as a matter of law, foreclosure sales produce inadequate prices because they lack a willing seller. Yet Wisconsin has not adopted such a presumption—and for good ...

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2009AP3088 River Valley Bank vs. Corsten, et al.

Property Foreclosure Sean Corsten appeals an order vacating an order confirming a sheriff’s sale and voiding the sheriff’s deed. Although the issues he raises on appeal are not adequately developed, he contends that the doctrines of invited error and claim preclusion should be applied. Because we conclude that the trial court properly exercised its discretion, we affirm the order. This ...

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2010AP1909 Aurora Loan Services LLC v. Carlsen

Property Foreclosure; authentication This appeal involves a foreclosure action initiated by Aurora Loan Services against David and Nancy Carlsen. Following a court trial, the circuit court granted judgment of foreclosure in favor of Aurora, finding that Aurora is the holder of the note and owner of the mortgage and that the Carlsens were in default. We conclude that the circuit ...

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