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High court set to rule on whistleblower case

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is set to decide Wednesday whether the state’s whistleblower statute should have protected a state justice department employee who was demoted after she warned her superiors that using state employees for the then-attorney general’s trip to a political convention could have violated state law.

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Feds say they have shut down Darkode malware marketplace

The Justice Department shut down an online "criminal bazaar" where computer hackers bought and sold stolen databases, malicious software and other products that could cripple or steal information from computers and cellphones, authorities said Wednesday.

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DOJ records show lab manager fired, agents suspended (UPDATE)

The Wisconsin Department of Justice fired a crime victim technician last year for giving a grant applicant an unfair advantage and punished agents for a variety of reasons, including losing evidence, speaking with a suspect's family and launching an unauthorized drug investigation, records show.

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DOJ quietly fired crime lab manager

The state Department of Justice quietly fired the Madison crime lab manager last summer for what agency officials called an unsatisfactory performance, citing instances of failing to address staff performance issues, misstating policies and struggling to come up with a plan to process DNA samples taken at arrest.

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