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DOJ sets up website to track sex assault kit tests

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The state Department of Justice has set up a public website that tracks the agency’s efforts to test hundreds of untested sexual assault evidence kits.

The kits have gone unexamined for a variety of reasons. Prosecutors may have decided the case was too weak, a defendant pleaded guilty or victims decided not to cooperate. None are connected to open cases. The DOJ has been working to get victims’ permission to test the kits in hopes of developing offender DNA profiles.

Attorney General Brad Schimel announced Wednesday that the agency has set up a website,, dedicated to keeping the public informed about testing progress. As of Friday, the DOJ had identified 6,392 untested kits. Of them, 4,065 are currently designated for testing. Testing has been completed on 176 kits.

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