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Divorce Judgment

William Roberts appeals a postdivorce order granting a motion filed by his former spouse, Andrea Perone, to lift a stay of a sanction the circuit court had previously imposed after finding Roberts in contempt for failing to comply with the terms of the parties’ divorce judgment.

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ACCA Violation

The Presentence Investigation Report on Steven Dotson listed six prior felony convictions, three of which the Probation Office identified as qualifying him for the enhanced mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years’ imprisonment under the Armed Career Criminal Act.

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Sentence Credit

Camron Rufus Spencer, pro se, appeals the circuit court’s orders denying his initial postconviction motion, and his motion for reconsideration, after he pled guilty to and was convicted of one count of misdemeanor battery as an act of domestic violence as a repeater, and one count of misdemeanor victim intimidation as an act of domestic violence as a repeater.

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