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RISING YOUNG LAWYER – Megan Lee – Judicare Legal Aid


RISING YOUNG LAWYER – Megan Lee – Judicare Legal Aid


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Megan Lee - Judicare Legal Aid

Megan Lee was working at marketing agency when she decided to change careers and go to law school.

“I loved my work but wanted to help people, and law school felt like the right fit,” she said. “I especially wanted to help children who can often feel voiceless.”

Lee earned her degree from Michigan State University Law School, graduating in 2019. After that, she was hired by Judicare Legal Aid as a legal advocate. She was later promoted to staff attorney and most recently to her current position, communications and development director.

“I enjoy getting to know my clients and their stories, and watching them grow throughout my representation,” she said. “My clients are survivors of abusive situations and have often been actively silenced. They come to me in some of the worst moments of their lives, so it’s important for me to develop trust and give them space to be heard for maybe the first time in years.”

Good outcomes for Lee’s clients aren’t often exactly happy events. Clients may get the opportunity to speak at their abuser’s sentencing hearing, or obtain a safe address hidden from their stalker.

“But her clients are grateful and fortunate to have her there to advocate for them, to listen to their concerns and to protect their interests,” said fellow Judicare attorney Kristin Slonski. “The fact that her work is so rarely cause for celebration makes her dedication to it all the more remarkable.”

The most difficult part of Lee’s job is working with survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse. Lee realizes that she can’t fix everything or undo the emotional hardships that they’ve experienced.

“I want to give them the world, but the law is limiting,” she said. “I do the best I can to help my clients accomplish their goals. It is rewarding and important work, but the emotional weight of working with trauma survivors is a lot to cope with at times.”


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