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Anne Peterson – Falk Legal Group

By: Joe Petrie//December 5, 2019//

Anne Peterson – Falk Legal Group

By: Joe Petrie//December 5, 2019//

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Anne Peterson - Falk Legal Group
Anne Peterson –
Falk Legal Group

Anne Peterson views her job at Falk Legal Group as requiring her to do whatever is necessary to help attorneys and staff employees there achieve or maintain their standard of excellence.

“I love to learn and I love new challenges,” she said. “I really love to be challenged by new problems and to try and solve them.”

Peterson joined Falk in 2013 when the firm was founded. She and her husband had known Matthew Falk, the managing partner, for many years. So when she was offered a part-time position, she took the opportunity to rejoin the workforce after spending 15 years out of it raising her children.

As firm administrator, Peterson works with back-office support, billing, finances, accounting, human resources and technology and generally does whatever else is necessary.

Falk said Peterson’s a thoughtful, honest and independent worker who pays attention to details. He said there hasn’t been a billing error in seven years.

“It’s almost as if her title should be chief legal officer,” Falk said. “Every week she summarizes our firm’s financial condition in a one piece of paper document, she reviews how the professionals in the office what their production is, she identifies and produces information in regard to our new file assignments and then we talk about staffing.”

Peterson had previously worked as a corporate tax attorney and thus was comfortable with the work required by her new position.

“What he needed was something I’d be able to step in and do once I learned all the new software,” she said.

Peterson has seen the firm more than double its employee count, going from five to 11. Peterson adopted a back-office software system for the firm to increase the efficiency of its billing and accounting.

“It’s exciting to see and I feel like we’re not done,” Peterson said. “I’m excited to see where it goes.”


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