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Kaur finds inspiration from her Indian roots

By: Michaela Paukner, [email protected]//September 18, 2019//

Kaur finds inspiration from her Indian roots

By: Michaela Paukner, [email protected]//September 18, 2019//

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Aneet Kaur - Axley Attorneys
Aneet Kaur – Axley Attorneys

As an associate attorney at Axley Attorneys in Madison, Aneet Kaur has represented several Fortune 500 companies in high-value cases and various other clients before the Court of Appeals, Labor and Industry Review Commission, and the Department of Workforce Development.

Kaur may specialize in workers’ compensation and employment law, but she’s always exploring new types of law, including eminent-domain, medical malpractice and general-insurance defense.

“A good litigator has the ability to take complicated procedures, break them down and translate them for their client, a jury, a judge,” said Kaur. “You will be hard-pressed to convince your audience to adopt the position you are advocating if you can’t clearly and concisely communicate it.”

Kaur had to learn to stand up to adversity at a young age. The prejudices she encountered as a young girl growing up in India ultimately led her to the legal profession.

“I grew up in a society that did not put value in educating women,” Kaur said. “At an early age I found myself advocating views that were not popular and wondering how I could better articulate my perspective so that my family, friends and community could see things from my lens.”

Kaur immigrated at the age of 8 to the U.S. and began learning English, a language she has had to master as a litigator. It’s now one of four languages she speaks. Kaur received her law degree from Marquette University Law School in 2013 and worked for a Madison-area firm before joining Axley in 2017.

“She uses her perseverance and ability to conquer obstacles to be a powerhouse in the courtroom,” said Nicole Hadaway, marketing director at Axley. “She exudes talent, takes on any challenge given to her and seeks out experience wherever she can find it.”

Kaur is adding to her experience by giving presentations at professional seminars and holding training seminars for clients. Her colleagues say it’s rare to see someone only six years into her career achieving so much.

“I recently second chaired a trial with one of my mentors where we obtained a fantastic result for our client,” Kaur said. “Anyone who is a litigator will know what a great feeling that is. After the trial, my mentor told me that I should first chair the next trial. Hearing that from someone you respect is an even better feeling and one that I will remember.”


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