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BEV BUTULA: Tax research doesn’t have to be intimidating

I have to admit that, depending on the request, I can find tax research to be a bit intimidating. And, anyone who has read my posts over the last several years knows I love when I locate quality websites that have compiled 50-state surveys.

I recently located a collection of State Tax Rate Tables provided by the Federation of Tax Administrators. These state comparisons include state income taxes, sales taxes and excise taxes. The information is available as a PDF or, in many cases, as an Excel file.

The FTA’s website also provides several other items of interest for tax researchers. It maintains an interactive map that allows searchers to quickly link to state agency websites, state tax forms and filing options, economic and tax research information, and electronic filing programs.

The site also contains numerous research reports. Some reports require payment, while a significant number are available for free. An interesting paper available is the Tax Burden on Tobacco, which is an “annual compendium on tobacco revenue and industry statistics.”

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