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BEV BUTULA: Congress.gov continues to be useful

Enhancements continue at Congress.gov!

In October, I wrote about some new features added to the Congress.gov website. Improvements continued in February with the addition of three different types of email alerts.

Researchers can now receive an email when a member of Congress sponsors or co-sponsors a piece of legislation, when a new issue of the Congressional Record is available, or when updates occur on a specific bill. Read more about this great alert service HERE.

Now, in March, another feature has been added, according to an announcement on In Custodia Legis (an excellent blog written by the folks at the Law Library of Congress). Congress.gov now provides treaty documents — treaties from 1949 to the present are available and, in addition to the text, include an overview and Senate actions.

Congress.gov continues to grow and be a great resource for those interested in federal legislative research. If you are interested in reading about all the enhancements made to the website, check out Congress.gov Enhancements.

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