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BEV BUTULA: Congressional Research Service revisited

The Congressional Research Service provides policy and legal analysis to Congress. Reports written by the CRS staff are not intended for the public and can be difficult to locate online.

In 2008, I wrote about OpenCRS, a service that provides copies of publicly available CRS reports. The purpose of this blog post is point readers to a few other sources.

UNT Digital Library – The University of North Texas houses an extensive collection. The site allows the researcher to conduct a keyword search, browse by topic, search by title, or search by subject. A nice feature is that the result list can then be refined by date range.

Federation of American Scientists – Organized by topic, the Federation of American Scientists has collected CRS reports on homeland security, secrecy, weapons, space policy, foreign policy and more.

National Council for Science and the Environment – The collection contains more than 2,000 CRS reports. The researcher can browse by topic or utilize the advanced search option to locate reports of interest.

Archive-it CRS – This is a great database that allows you to search across several collections of CRS reports.

Thurgood Marshall Law Library – CRS reports available from the University of Maryland focus on health law and policy, as well as homeland security.

ZFacts CRS Search – I found using this website a bit cumbersome. It requires the user to copy and paste specific query language and then add terms of interest. Instructions are provided. However, the results are quite good.

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  1. I realize that you are providing links for free CRS reports but as a “commercial” provider of reports we have a larger database that is probably the most current database there is on the internet. In addition to CRS reports we also, just recently, started providing another CRS product. To the best of my knowledge we are the ONLY ones doing so. We have access to CRS’s “Legal Sidebars.” Please visit for the sidebars, for the CRS Report Executive Summaries and for the abstracts of over 56,000 reports.


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