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BEV BUTULA: Beginner’s guides not just for beginners

A favorite blog of mine is the Law Librarians of Congress’ In Custodia Legis.

The blog discusses a wide range of current topics and legal research issues. One of the librarians has recently written a group of posts, titled “Beginner’s Guides.”

These posts, however, can be beneficial for anyone.

There are three guides available, including Employment and Labor Law, Immigration Law, and Executive Orders. Each guide provides a brief overview of the topic and continues with a list of print and online resources that can serve as a launching point for your research.

Another great option for these types of guides are both the UW Law Library and Marquette Law Library. Obviously, both the UW Law Library Subject Guides and Marquette Research Guides focus on their internal collections, but offer a wide array on online resources as well.

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