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Rogers vs. Kleinhas, et al.



Case name: Rogers vs. Kleinhas, et al.

Case no: 08-CV-1100

Court: Washington County Circuit Court

Judge: Hon. Patrick Faragher

Injuries alleged: Cervical Spine Injury which required two surgeries

Original amount sought: $2.5 Million

Highest offer: $1.7 Million

Verdict/settlement: Settlement

Amount: $1.7 Million

Disposition date: May 11, 2010

Original filing date: Oct. 9, 2009

Date of incident: Oct. 11, 2005

Plaintiff attorney: Patrick R. Griffin, Griffin Law Center, ( West Bend

Defense attorney: John T. Juettner, Crivello Carlson SC, ( Milwaukee

Plaintiff’s experts: James E. Cain MD, Spinal Surgeon Edward G. Reshel MD, Neurologist Robert N. DeYoung MD, Clinical Psychologist Richard Hass MD, Pain Management Tim Riley, Sarah Holmes, Vocational Professionals, Inc.

Defendant’s experts: Donald Feinsilver MD, Psychiatrist, Stephan Robbins MD, Orthopedist, Robert Weber, Accident Reconstruction, Debra Anderson, Neuropsychology, LeAnn Panizich, Vocational Analysis, Michael Campbell, Vocational Analysis, John Peters, Economist, Robert Zoeller MD

Insurance: Liberty Mutual Insurance

Plaintiff counsel’s summary of the case: Plaintiff was a passenger in a truck which was being operated by a co-employee which was involved in a collision on Oct. 11, 2005. Plaintiff and the driver were in the course of employment. Plaintiff came to see counsel with a question regarding Worker's Compensation benefits. Upon investigation, they discovered that Plaintiff's employer had a waiver of the co-employee exclusion in its liability policy. Plaintiff suffered a serious neck injury which required two surgeries. Case was settled at mediation after suit was filed. Mediator was Attorney James Smith of Smith, Gunderson & Rowen, SC.

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