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Federal Citizen Information Center

Remember those public service announcements informing us about various government publications available from an address in Pueblo, Colorado? Well, those documents are available online (or available to order online) through the Federal Citizen Information Center.

To locate documents, users can access the “Consumer Information Catalog.” The catalog is a quarterly publication that “contains descriptive listings of about 200 free or low-cost Federal publications.” Another option is to link to the wide range of topics via the homepage. These categories include computers, education, food, health, money, and travel. The site also supports a general search engine.

A sampling of titles include:

Internet Auctions: A Guide for Buyers and Sellers
Its Your Drinking water: Get to Know it and Protect It!
Understanding Social Security Benefits
Personal Emergency Response Systems
Guide to Buying a Franchise

The FCIC maintains a Facebook page and posts to Twitter. Email subscriptions are also available. Their homepage is a bit busy but has links to several government resources. As an example, there is online information on recalls and fraud alerts. For a great summary is the “About Us” page.

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