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Parker v. Dr. B.

Highest offer: $500,000
Verdict: No negligence
Verdict date: March 30, 2007 (This matter is presently before the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.)
Defense attorney law firm: Corneille Law Group, LLC, by Barrett J. Corneille and Colleen L. Meloy, on behalf of Dr. B.; Bell, Gierhart & Moore, S.C., by David McFarlane, on behalf of Wisconsin Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund
Plaintiff experts: Dr. William Turnipseed, Chairman of the Vascular Surgery Department, University of Wisconsin, Subsequent treating physician and expert on liability and damages; Dr. John Golan, Vascular surgeon, Chicago, IL
Defense experts: Dr. Alan Koslow, Vascular surgeon, Des Moines, IA
Defense counsel’s summary of case: Plaintiff contended that the defendant was negligent for failing to treat and/or refer the patient for an occlusion of her lower extremity following bypass surgery. The alleged delay in diagnosing the vascular problem led to the partial amputation of the plaintiff’s lower extremity.

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