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Divided Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds man’s gun conviction

A divided Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the conviction of a man who was found guilty of arming himself with a gun while intoxicated, rejecting his arguments that his core Second Amendment rights outweighed a state law against brandishing firearms while drunk.

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Court grants former Waushara County DA’s request for indefinite license suspension

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has indefinitely suspended the law license of the former Waushara County district attorney. Laura Waite was appointed as the Waushara County district attorney in April 2020. After a months-long, unexplained absence from the district attorney’s office, a judge found her to be absent in August and appointed a special administrative prosecutor to fill the role. In ...

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Wisconsin Supreme Court says governor can’t limit capacity

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that Gov. Tony Evers' administration does not have the authority to issue capacity limits on bars, restaurants and other businesses without approval of the Legislature, a ruling that comes two weeks after the conservative-controlled court struck down the state's mask mandate.

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Justices weigh sweeping environmental cases

The Wisconsin Supreme Court was set to hear oral arguments Monday in a pair of far-reaching environmental lawsuits that could define state officials' ability to regulate factory farms and high-capacity wells and determine how far state agencies can go when interpreting state law.

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Editorial: Court’s ruling narrower than many think

This week’s ruling from the Wisconsin Supreme Court was considerably narrower than what a lot of people seem to think. There’s a critical point that people are missing: the ruling wasn’t on whether a mask mandate is legal in and of itself. That question remains open.

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Exception to guilty-plea-waiver rule debated before Supreme Court

The Wisconsin Supreme Court listened to a debate over an exception to the guilty-plea-waiver rule on Monday. The case before the high court involves a defendant who stipulated to facts supporting his conviction and agreed to have the trial court find him guilty. The state Supreme Court is deciding whether the stipulated trial court allows him to preserve an issue for ...

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