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Freshman year 2.0: Year 1 in the real world

The nightmare is finally over. You know the one: It's the first day of law-school exams, and you realize that not only have you have slept through your alarm, you have also forgotten to attend class — throughout the entire semester. You wake up as you burst into the exam room, where your classmates have just finished typing their final answers. You have failed. You'll never be an attorney.

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Changing order in the court

As fewer cases make it to trial and social-science research undermines old notions of how jurors make decisions, lawyers are finding that they are spending less time in endeavors once deemed essential to their profession.

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‘I’m sorry’ bill gets Assembly approval (UPDATE)

The state Assembly approved on a voice vote Tuesday on a bill that would let doctors and other medical providers apologize or express fault for botched medical procedures without having to worry their words would be used against them in court.

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Senate passes bill restricting attorney fees (UPDATE)

By SCOTT BAUER Associated Press MADISON, Wis. (AP) – The Wisconsin state Senate passed a measure Thursday that attempts to limit the amount of fees attorneys can collect when damages are awarded to consumers who have been harmed. The Republican-backed bill, as originally introduced, would have capped attorneys’ fees at no more than three times the amount of damages when ...

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Attorneys criticize drug-maker proposals

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Consumer advocates are blasting a series of proposals backed by Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans that could be voted on in the Legislature later this month. The proposals in question give drug-makers immunity from lawsuits, lower interest rates on judgments for people who successfully sue for injuries and limit the amount plaintiff’s attorneys can charge in ...

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Who’s doing what

The Education Law Association (ELA) has named Godfrey & Kahn attorney Jon Anderson to its board of directors effective immediately.

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