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Tag Archives: informed consent

Assembly passes informed consent bill

The state Assembly on Wednesday passed a bill supported by many in the medical community that would no longer require doctors to give patients as much information about available alternative treatments.

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2009AP3133 Rubedor v. Kopp

Torts Medical malpractice; informed consent Ty Rubedor appeals a judgment and order following a jury verdict finding in favor of Dr. Douglas Kopp on Rubedor’s claim that Dr. Kopp failed to adequately obtain his informed consent prior to performing a medical procedure on his heart. Rubedor contends that the circuit court erred in limiting the admission of evidence relating to ...

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2008AP3138 Miller v. Valley Orthopaedics Ltd., et al.

Torts Medical malpractice; informed consent Dr. Mark Wikenheiser, the Medical Protective Company, and the Wisconsin Patient Compensation Fund (Wikenheiser) appeal an order granting Michael and Michelle Miller’s post-trial motions. Wikenheiser argues the trial court erred by (1) finding there was no credible evidence to support the jury’s determination that Wikenheiser provided sufficient information for Miller to give informed consent to ...

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