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Walker signs another round of law-related bills

By: Eric Heisig//April 23, 2014//

Walker signs another round of law-related bills

By: Eric Heisig//April 23, 2014//

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Gov. Scott Walker signed 55 bills Wednesday, including several that could affect legal processes in Wisconsin.

The bills include:

  • AB 536, which states that police would have to present details about their investigation when seeking a warrant to track a cellphone. That includes the phone’s owners or whoever possesses it, the subject of the investigation, a statement of the crime and a statement of probable cause about how tracking the cellphone is related to criminal activity.
  • AB 612, which allows crime victims to view portions of a defendant’s presentence investigation report that pertain to them. The victim is not allowed to keep the report after they view it.
  • SB 325, which seeks to prevent makers of illegal synthetic drugs from altering the chemical formulas of their products in a way that circumvents current prohibitions. To that end, the legislation outlaws 16 basic chemical compounds and the various methods that can be used to alter those compounds’ chemical structure without taking away their intoxicating effects. It also adds about 150 substances to the list of synthetic drugs the state bans.
  • SB 498, which requires patent infringement allegations include specific information about the basis of the claim, including the number of the patent allegedly being infringed and how the allegations relate to a product, service, process, or technology of the business.
  • SB 518, which deals with information that doctors are required to tell patients. The “informed consent” duty now includes telling a patient about medical tests and treatments that may be appropriate for a patient’s symptoms, even if the doctor doesn’t believe the patient has the underlying condition or disease. It also applies to chiropractors, dentists, podiatrists and optometrists.
  • SB 599, which changes the process and reduces the fee for State Public Defender employees to obtain health records for their clients when the client gives written, informed consent.
  • SB 668, which requires out-of-state sex offenders to register with the Department of Corrections if they move to Wisconsin.


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