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Tag Archives: Delinquency

2010AP1669 In the interest of Anthony M.S.

Juveniles Delinquency; sufficiency of the evidence Anthony M.S. appeals a judgment of delinquency for possessing a non-narcotic controlled substance entered upon the trial court’s guilty finding. He argues the State failed to present evidence at the fact-finding hearing sufficient to support the finding of guilt. We agree and therefore reverse the judgment of delinquency and direct the trial court to ...

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2010AP2175 In the interest of Emanuel M.

Juveniles Delinquency; disposition; SJOP Emanuel M. appeals an order denying postdisposition relief. Emanuel contends that the juvenile court erred when it (1) placed Emanuel in the Serious Juvenile Offender Program (SJOP) because the court found that a disposition other than placement in a juvenile correctional facility was appropriate; and (2) imposed and stayed the SJOP disposition and then placed Emanuel ...

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2010AP1796 In the interest of Justin J.

Juveniles Delinquency; disposition Justin J. appeals a dispositional order and an order denying postdisposition relief. Justin asserts the circuit court erred by ordering him to serve thirty days in secure detention. Because we conclude the circuit court properly exercised its discretion, we affirm. This opinion will not be published. 2010AP1796 In the interest of Justin J. Dist III, Marinette County, ...

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2010AP2352 In the interest of Michael S.L.

Juveniles Delinquency; restitution Michael S.L. appeals from a restitution order requiring him to perform 200 hours of community service after he was adjudicated delinquent for disorderly conduct. The charge stemmed from a series of events culminating in a bomb threat called in by one of Michael’s friends in Michael’s presence. Michael contends that the facts to which he admitted did ...

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