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09-1454 Camreta v. Greene

Civil Rights Qualified immunity; appeal The Court may review a lower court’s constitutional ruling at the behest of government officials who have won final judgment on qualified immunity grounds. This Article III standard often will be met when immunized officials seek to challenge a determination that their conduct violated the Constitution because that ruling may have prospective effect on the ...

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Government appeals judge’s health care ruling (UPDATE)

By GREG BLUESTEIN Associated Press ATLANTA (AP) — The federal health care overhaul’s core requirement to make virtually all citizens buy health insurance or face tax penalties is constitutional because Congress has the authority to regulate interstate business, the Justice Department said in its appeal of a ruling that struck down the Obama administration’s signature legislation. The government’s 62-page motion ...

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DOJ files to appeal union law order (UPDATE)

By TODD RICHMOND Associated Press The Republican-controlled state Assembly passed the bill the next day and Walker signed it on March 11. Ozanne’s lawsuit contends Republicans didn’t give the proper 24-hour public notice that the committee planned to meet, violating Wisconsin’s open meetings law. Sumi said that’s a crucial point as she justified the emergency order during a hearing last ...

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2010AP1633 Haugen v. Nehls

Civil Procedure Appeal; findings of fact Gail M. Haugen appeals from a judgment of the circuit court dismissing her small claims action against David A. Nehls, d/b/a Nehls Home Improvement. We conclude that the circuit court made proper findings of fact and we affirm the circuit court on these grounds. This opinion will not be published. 2010AP1633 Haugen v. Nehls ...

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10-2713 Abner v. Scott Memorial Hospital

Civil Procedure Appeal; length of brief; sanctions Flagrant violations of FRAP 32 may warrant dismissal of the appeal. “The flagrancy of the violation in this case might well justify the dismissal of the appeal: let this be a warning. But in addition it is plain from the briefs that the appeal has no merit. To allow time for the appellants ...

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