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US Supreme Court’s cert denial leaves ADA issue unresolved

Leaving unresolved a question that has split the circuits and perplexed employment attorneys, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to decide whether the Americans with Disabilities Act requires an employer to reassign a disabled employee to a vacant position that would have otherwise been filled by a competitive process.

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Working from home: Firms should set guidelines if they offer the privilege

The wired world presents more options than ever for flexible work arrangements. Thanks to the march of mobile technology, attorneys and staff are able to take their offices on the go, working not just from the cubicle, but from the coffee shop, the beach or their own living rooms. But while technology redefines what’s meant by going to work, it can also create potential problems. Some important guidelines can help firm leaders decide when to allow people to work from home and when it’s better to go the traditional route.

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