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Court justices tussle over ADA ministerial exception

During heated oral arguments in a case involving religious doctrines, government interests and claims of job discrimination, the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court tried to carve out just how much constitutional leeway religious organizations have to fire employees without facing a job bias claim.

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09-3143 Miller v. IDOT

Employment ADA; fear of heights A bridgeworker who is perceived to be afraid of heights is protected under the ADA. “After the March 23, 2006 panic attack above the Mississippi River, Miller was formally diagnosed with acrophobia. IDOT immediately precluded ...

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10-1353 EEOC v. AutoZone Inc.

Employment ADA; failure to accommodate; limitations on personal care The district court’s summary judgment ruling in this disability discrimination case must be reversed because a reasonable jury could conclude that the plaintiff’s back injury placed substantial limitations upon his ability ...

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