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Author Archives: Jerry Huffman

Ress finds rush in law career

In 2009, David Ress was a second-year law student at Marquette University writing bench memos as an intern for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

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Jansen proves you can go home again

Brad Jansen was on the legal fast track. After earning undergraduate degrees in psychology and the sociology of law, he graduated from the Chicago-Kent School of Law. Then it was onto firm work in Chicago until he decided it wasn’t the life he wanted.

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Quieter setting: Barrett leaves din of Manhattan for Wisconsin ‘nice’

Will J. Barrett would be a great attorney to have on your team. If you can find him. Law Journal: “Will, we had a hard time finding you online. In fact, we couldn’t find anything.” Barrett: “That’s good. I like a low digital profile.” Law Journal: “What about Twitter?” Barrett: “Nope.” (Chuckling…) Law Journal: “Facebook?” Barrett: “Nope.” (More chuckling…) Law ...

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When the news becomes news

In early June the media became the story in a Chippewa County courtroom. The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram chose an approaching trial as the subject of a feature that should have never seen the light of day.

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