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Coursin not your average, cookie-cutter practicing attorney


Andrew Coursin – Neider & Boucher (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

A lot of lawyers can point to the day they made the decision to go law school.

For Andrew Coursin, the road less traveled to his now profession held a few twists and turns.

After earning an English degree, Coursin flirted with medical school, worked in technology for a few years, became a kick boxer, and moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, to write for a magazine. After all that, he defines the road less traveled.

“But I knew I had made the right decision the day I started law school,” he says.

One can only imagine what was next if he hadn’t made the right choice.

A transactional lawyer by trade, Coursin relishes the challenge of trying to put together the perfect plan. If the choice is between litigation and smarter transactions, he will aim for making a perfect deal that sidesteps the potential of future conflict.

More than just a “suit,” Coursin sees himself more as an adviser and strategist.

“I put pen to paper and try to create the perfect prospective that avoids fires before they become an issue.”

“And when I do it right, it goes in a drawer and it’s forgotten.”

Not exactly the storybook ending you would imagine for a globe-trotting, technologist, kick boxer.

The attorney who once thought of being a doctor also has his own prescription for maintaining a healthy balance between the time he spends at home and at the office.

You see, Drew Coursin is also a baker in search of the best-ever chocolate chip cookie.

“Think about it. You take the disparate parts, not unlike the law, and blend them into something that works well together.”

His ultimate goal as a baker? “The perfect cookie,” he said during a recent scratchy interview. Scratchy because Coursin and his wife, Stafford Rosenbaum environmental attorney Vanessa Wishart, were calling from Colorado in a car on their way to the Rockies.

We should expect nothing less.

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